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Klipsch the Sixes Review Powered Monitor – The Bookshelf Speakers for Those Who Want Maximum Connectivity

Klipsch the Sixes are part of Heritage Wireless series of speakers that use Bluetooth technology. What this means is that you can connect them to any kind of Bluetooth-enabled device – smartphone, PC, laptop, turntable – you name it.    

But, the fact that they’re wireless isn’t the main reason that attracts users to Klipsch the Sixes. What makes these speakers really stand out from the crowd is their vintage design.

Vintage Design

There aren’t many bookshelf speakers that look this good. The mid-century design of the Sixes Powered Monitor is great for anyone looking to get a sound system for a great 50s or 60s living room.

Klipsch the Sixes Side View
The design is simply magnificent

A peculiar thing about them is that they’re larger than average. The speakers measure 11 x 8.6 x 16.8 inches and weigh 33.7 pounds, making them larger than other products in their class. Klipsch RB-10, for instance, are nearly two times smaller. Furthermore, The Sixes weigh five times more than the smallest bookshelf speakers in Klipsch’s current offer.

Klipsch the Sixes Speakers
Klipsch the Sixes Speakers

This having been said, they are larger than other bookshelf speakers, and it may be more difficult to fit them in smaller places. However, they are a work of art and can be beautiful display pieces. Of course, looks aren’t everything, At least, not in the case of The Sixes. These speakers are fantastic when it comes to audio performances and come with all kinds of useful features.

Versatility at its Best

One thing that sets these speakers apart from others is the fact that they can be connected to a large variety of devices. There are ports to connect it to anything from a television to a smartphone. It also comes equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology that makes it easier to connect it to virtually any device capable of a Bluetooth connection.

Klipsch the Sixes Wood Veneer
Klipsch the Sixes Wood Veneer

The fact that you don’t need any wires to use them might make you wonder about their performances. But, you got nothing to worry about, the Bluetooth wireless technology used for these speakers is so sublime you can be sure there won’t be any discrepancies while streaming audio directly from a phone or computer that’s a few meters away.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology – The speakers come with the ability to connect to any Bluetooth-capable device and play music streamed from it;
  • USB Digital Audio Port – Those who want to connect the speakers to a computer are able to do so using a dedicated USB digital audio port that ensures that the information transmitted from a PC or Mac will be perfectly played through the system;
  • Multiple ports for increased connectivity – The sound system comes with a variety of ports that allow it to connect to television sets, computers, multimedia players, turntables and even smartphones;
  • No receiver required – The Sixes Powered Monitor features the ability to reach its full potential in terms of clarity and quality of sound without the need to be connected to an amplifier. This is due to the fact that Klipsch has built an amp right into their speaker system, enabling to produce crystal-clear sound regardless of what it is connected to or through what type of connection;
  • High-Quality materials and durable build – The shell of the speakers is made from natural wood veneer and tactile spun copper switches and knobs. The materials used in its manufacturing and the construction of the speaker system give it the durability needed to ensure that it can function for large periods of time without requiring repairs;
  • Subwoofer compatible – Among the many ports present on the back of the speakers, there is also one dedicated to a subwoofer connection. So, if you decide you need one, you can just plug it in;
  • 192kHz/24-bit – The Sixes supports 192kHz/24-bit bit decoding, enabling it to play high resolution audio tracks;


  • Multiple connection possibilities – The sheer amount of ports placed on the back side of the speakers gives them great flexibility. This makes them perfect for a very large number of situations and uses, from simple pc speakers, to a high-quality sound system for the living room;
  • Bluetooth-capable – Few bookshelf speakers come with the ability to establish Bluetooth connections with other devices. This feature makes it great for anyone who wants an all-in-one device that will connect to several devices depending on what is needed at any one point in time;
  • Beautiful design – While other bookshelf speakers are small in order to fit in small spaces, The Sixes’ design makes them ideal for the opposite situation. Most will enjoy putting them on display so that they will be noticed;
  • Integrated Amplifier – The system will always produce high-quality sound due to its integrated amplifier. This enables it to connect to any device and play music with the same high fidelity as if it were connected to an external amplifier. Furthermore, this feature means that owners do not have to clutter their living room with an additional piece of equipment;
  • Reasonable Price – To be frank, it’s really surprising that the price of these speakers is so reasonable. After all, some bookshelf speakers with similar performances as The Sixes cost several times more.


  • Size – Some may be put off by the fact that they are somewhat bigger than normal. Their size makes them impractical for anyone who do does not have a lot of room in their living room.


These may not be the smallest speakers, but they’re not the biggest either. And with the large number of ports that they offer, The Sixes are great to have if you need a sound system that you can connect with multiple devices or to which you can stream music from your phone or tablet.

And we also can’t ignore the fact that these speakers look fantastic. You won’t even have to play music in order to show everyone you’re a true audiophile. People will know it just by looking at these speakers. And once you turn them on, the speakers will blow everyone’s mind with their impressive audio performances.

Our verdict