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The Klipsch RB-10 – The Smallest Loudspeakers from One of the Best Manufacturers

Party people, as well as movie lovers, will know that that the beating heart of a living room is the sound system. Of all the sound systems that have come and gone in the last decades, one has become omnipresent it almost every home: The Bookshelf Speaker.

These kinds of speakers offer great audio quality and their size makes them perfect for small spaces or for those who want to blend their audio system into the furniture.

The Klipsch RB-10 is a great example of high-quality sound technology packed into a small, elegant box. The system contains two black loudspeakers and features the company’s distinctive copper-colored dampening cones over the woofer.

Size Doesn’t Matter – Klipsch RB-10 Speakers are the Proof

RB-10 are the smallest bookshelf speakers from Klipsch. At least, for the moment being. Each of the two loudspeakers measures 7.8 x 5.6 x 8.7 inches, and weighs only 6 pounds. But, the fact that they’re small does not mean they’re not powerful. On the contrary, with a little help from a decent amplifier, these speakers can make a lot of noise.

Klipsch RB-10 Front View
Klipsch RB-10 front view

But, it won’t be deafening noise – the sound these speakers reproduce is clear even when the volume is turned up to the maximum. RB-10 can reproduce audio in a wide range of frequencies and although the bass might not be ideal, they’re superb when it comes to mids and high frequencies.

Sure, the sound might not be as clear as with some other Klipsch models, like The Sixes, for example. But, neither is the price. When comparing RB-10 with other bookshelf speakers, you mustn’t forget that their price tag is pretty reasonable. In fact, right now, their price is less than 200 dollars, which for a pair of speakers manufactured by such a reputable brand as Klipsch is really affordable.

Speaking of the manufacturer, Klipsch is an American company that has been in the business since 1946 and which has a flawless reputation. Not only are their products famous for their audio performances, but Klipsch speakers are bound to last for a long, long time. If you treat them the right way, your RB-10 speakers are gonna keep on being your humble little servants long after the 5-year warranty has expired.


  • Multiple mounting points – Each of the loudspeakers have a keyhole that allow them to be mounted on walls, as well as a threaded insert that enables the owner to attach it to ceiling brackets. What this means is that you don’t necessarily need to keep them on the bookshelf;
  • Great Frequency Response and Sensitivity – The system has great frequency response, ranging from 90Hz to 20 kHz +/- 3dB. This means that the speakers can reproduce mid-range and high frequencies without any problems. Also, the system’s sensitivity is -90dB at 2.83V/ 1 meter;
  • Power Handling – 50 watts maximum continuous with a 200 watts peak. Not enough for your standards? No problem, just connect them to an amplifier;
  • Nominal Impedance – 8 ohms compatible;
  • Small and efficient – The RB-10 model from Klipsch has been designed with a 4-inch woofer and a 1-inch compression driver equipped with a 4-inch square Tractrix Horn. This makes is extremely efficient while also allowing it to maintain a small form factor;
  • A Flush Design that Screams Quality – The casing-features a low-diffraction sculpted baffle and an easy-to-remove grille that is kept in place using magnets; giving the cabinet a clean, smooth look;


  • Small enough to fit anywhere – The RB-10 model’s small dimensions make it great for those who either don’t have a lot of room on their office desk or want their sound system to be somewhat hidden. The speakers are also a great choice for anyone living in an apartment as they don’t need a lot of space and they can even be mounted to ceiling brackets;
  • Great clarity and crisp sound – While the speakers are relatively small, the technology packed into them does a great job when it comes to enhancing the clarity of sound. The most surprising thing about them is that they can be pretty loud if you want them to;
  • Affordable – The model is a great balance between price and quality. Actually, if you check out other bookshelf speakers in the offer of Klipsch and similar manufacturers, you will notice that there are many models that are several times more expensive than RB-10;
  • Elegant appearance – The speakers casings come in a black vinyl finish that contrasts with the copper-colored dampening cones, making it a great choice for both a home décor, as well as a more professional, office one;


  • No wiring included – While the speakers come with wire connections they do not include any sort of wiring, which means that you will have to take care of it on your own;
  • No subwoofer – The RB-10 do offer great clarity, but in order to be great for low-bass music a subwoofer is needed;
  • Not ideal as a home cinema system – The speakers are fairly powerful, however, they might not be appropriate for watching movies. This said, they can be connected to an existing home cinema system, in which case they perform great;
  • Not great for larger spaces or for house parties – While the large form-factor is great for those who don’t have a lot of room, these aren’t great for large parties that require more decibels;

Wrapping up the Klipsch RB-10 Review

While the RB-10 may not be great for those who are looking for their next house-party sound system, they are a good choice for everyone else. The quality of their build and design can make them great for a bedroom, living room, or even office. The sound from the speakers is clear enough for any type of music to sound great.

Apart from being able to provide you with pretty impressive audio performances, the reason why you should give RB-10 a closer look is that they’re pretty cheap. Okay, they might not be the cheapest bookshelf speakers on the market, but you won’t be able to find more affordable speakers in Klipsch collection.

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