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Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker – Small Monitor Speakers that Offer a High-Quality Sound

Manufactured by one of the most famous companies in the industry, the Klipsch R-15M is definitely a great addition to any living room or office. The sound system rocks the beautiful signature look that all Klipsch products have and is made from the same quality materials like all the other systems in the company’s bookshelf speaker line.

Same Great Technology in Every Model

Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speakers Front View

While the R-15M are not flagship models, the company’s philosophy is that every product manufactured and sold should be able to produce crystal-clear sound. These are no exception. The manufacturers have taken the technologies and manufacturing processes that have given great results on more expensive models and have found a way to integrate them into the T15M without raising the price.

Regular Size and Beautiful to Look At

The Klipsch R-15M bookshelf speakers are not the smallest products in their class, however, their beautiful, recognizable design makes them awesome display pieces and lets them fit in an aesthetic, from classical to modern looks. The great contrast between the black casing and the copper-colored accents give it an elegant, old-fashioned look. Those who are interested in purchasing them will have to consider placing them on stands, rather than on shelves.

The speakers measure 8.1 x 7 x 12.5 inches and weigh 10.3 pounds, making it ideal for living rooms where there isn’t a lot of space. Not the smallest in their category, but their size is relatively smaller than that of other products. And that’s actually how bookshelf speakers are supposed to look – not too large so that you can fit them easily, yet not too small that they’re unnoticeable.

Klipsch R-15M Speaker

Clear Highs, Deep Base

The audio reproduced by these speakers is unbelievably clear, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a product made by Klipsch. This company is famous for the accurate sound its speakers produce and R-15M do not disappoint. The reason why this is the case is that they feature a horn-loaded tweeter, which has become a sort of signature feature of Klipsch devices.

Of course, with an amazing tweeter, the speakers are able to reproduce accurate high-frequency audio, but what about their bass response? Well, there’s a 5-1/4″ woofer, which in combination with rear-firing port creates a pretty decent bass. Of course, you can’t expect these speakers to produce wonders when it comes to low-frequency audio, but for such an affordable set of bookshelf speakers, they’re more than okay.

And of course, they’re great in mids as well. In fact, if you’re not too picky, you should be satisfied with the audio accuracy of these speakers in all frequencies. Speaking of frequencies, the frequency range of Klipsch R-15M is 62-24,000 Hz, which covers almost all the frequencies that the human ear can hear.


  • Flexible – The R-15M speakers will work well in a variety of situations. They can be used as front, side, and surround speakers, and work great even as part of a home cinema setup. This makes them great for people who want a product that they will be able to repurpose every now and again, or for those looking to buy an affordable, reliable speaker set that can fulfil a larger number of functions;
  • 90×90 Tractrix Horn Proprietary technology – Although the R-15M is not a flagship product, it does still contain important proprietary technology developed by the manufacturer. The 90×90 Tractrix Horn offers great response and enhances the imaging and dynamics of the speakers, enabling them to create a natural sound in every situation;
  • IMG Woofer – The spun copper injection molded graphite woofers are lighter than regular ones, while remaining extremely rigid. The end result is that they are able to provide great low frequency response while also minimizing distortion. This feature makes the Tractrix Horn-loaded LTS tweeter the most efficient system in its class;
  • Linear Travel Suspension – The LTS Tweeter minimizes cone breakup as well as distortion in order to ensure that the speakers produce clear sound even at lower frequencies;
  • Rear-firing Port – The port alcove on the back of the speakers has been designed around the drivers in order to minimize turbulence regardless of frequency. The 5-way binding posts offer great flexibility in terms of possible connections;


  • High quality for an affordable price – The engineers at Klipsch have managed to implement much of their proprietary technology and advanced manufacturing methods in this system, without raising its price. While the R-15M is far from the cheapest bookshelf speaker set on the market, it does offer the best quality for what it is worth;
  • Small enough – They are not the smallest speakers in their category, however, they are small enough to fit in virtually any room regardless of how small it is. While they can’t really be mounted on walls, they don’t occupy enough space to make this feature a must-have;
  • Great sound in a great package – The sound produced by these speakers is extremely clear and this remains constant even at lower frequencies where other systems would output distorted sounds.


  • Lack of attachment possibilities – For all their flexibility, there are not many ways to attach these to various surfaces. They can be placed on shelves and other surfaces, however, they do not have mounting supports, so those who are looking for speakers to hang on walls or to attach to ceiling brackets may not be satisfied;
  • Amplifier needed – While there are some bookshelf speakers that feature integrated amplifiers, this is not one of them. They do require amplification in order to reach their full potential.

Finalizing the Klipsch R-15M Review

The R-15M from Klipsch are not the cheapest products on the market, but they are also far from the most expensive. They are an affordable option for anyone looking to get a great looking, well-built sound system for their living room. However, while they are relatively small, they do require an amplifier which will take additional space in the room.

They can be connected without an amplifier, however, without the additional power they won’t be able to make full use of the technologies incorporated in it.

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