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Klipsch R-14M Reference Bookshelf Speakers – An Affordable High-Quality Bookshelf Speaker Set

The R-14M model from Klipsch is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable, well-built sound system that offers more than just the basic features. Rocking the signature look of Klipsch devices, the R-14M has a black polished veneer casing that contrasts with the copper-colored woofer cone.

While the speaker system is more of an entry-level model than a highly specialized one, it does contain quite a few features and technologies meant to ensure that every sound that comes out of it is crystal-clear. They do need an amplifier in order to reach their full capacity in terms of sound quality, however, they also work through AV connections.

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What really makes these speakers stand out are their audio performances, but their design just can’t be ignored. With a pretty compact size and stylish monochrome design, these speakers will not stand out in your room. At least, not in a bad way.

Klipsch R-14M Front View
Klipsch R-14M front view

Perfect for Small Rooms

These are small enough to fit in virtually any living room or on any desk and, while they aren’t particularly elegant or stylish, they will blend in with items or furniture that are placed around the sound system.

Of course, these speakers aren’t just about the looks. Their performances are pretty impressive. And it’s all because of the amazing features Klipsch R-14M comes with. Take a look at the most important features of these speakers and you’ll see what we mean.

Klipsch R-14M Speaker
Klipsch R-14M Speaker


  • Small enough to fit in any room – The Klipsch R14M Speakers measure 7.5 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches and weigh only 14.1 pounds, making them great for situations where there may not be a lot of space in their living room or on their desk;
  • High-quality finish – The cabinet of the speakers is made from a brushed black polymer veneer that can either fit in a variety of decors or simply blend in and go unnoticed. Furthermore, the grills are removable. Actually, you can take them off or put them on pretty easily as they use magnets instead of bolts and screws. So, if you think that a discrete set of speakers would fit in your room design better, our advice is to remove the grills. On the other hand, if a mighty look is what you’re looking for, then leave them on!
  • Proprietary technology – the R-14M model from Klipsch features the company’s proprietary 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology. Why this feature is so important to mention is that it’s basically an improved version of the exponential horn which has better performances in terms of reproducing low-frequency sounds. On top of that, it also provides a broader coverage when it comes to high frequencies.  The speaker also has a 1-inch aluminum tweeter. These combined technologies are the key to the high-quality sound that the speakers produce;
  • Linear Travel Suspension – The LTS tweeter has been designed to minimize sound distortion ensuring that music sounds great even at the highest volume setting. Speaking of LTS tweeters, they’re one of the things that brought attention to previous Klipsch Reference models;
  • Rear-firing port – the ports of the sound system are placed on its back of the cabinet and have been positioned specifically to minimize turbulence even at extremely low frequencies;
  • IMG Woofer – Short for Injection Molded Graphite Woofer, this technology gives the R-14M exceptional low-frequency When pairing the IMG Woofer with the LTS tweeter, this model becomes one of the most efficient in its class;


  • Extra small – While not the smallest bookshelf speakers on the market, these are some of the smaller ones. This makes them ideal for those looking for a discrete sound system or who want a pair of speakers for their office. And because they’re small, they are pretty discrete. Furthermore, their design ensures they will not stand out. No matter what kind of interior design you have, they will bland right in;
  • Great tech for great clarity – The size of the speakers does not reflect the quality of the sound that they produce or their power. The manufacturers have built the bookshelf speakers using a variety of technologies meant to improve sound clarity and to minimize distortion regardless of frequency or volume;
  • Affordable – These speakers are by no means the most feature-filled bookshelf speakers on the market, however, they do not cost much, especially when considering the technologies that are built into them;
  • Works together with other tech – The R-14M are great as side, front, or surround speakers, which makes them great for anyone looking to gather equipment for a fairly basic but reliable home theater setup;
  • R-14M speakers are super-durable – These speakers are bound to last for a long time. We’re sure of that for a simple fact – they’re made by Klipsch. This is an American company that’s been in the business since 1949, during which period it has established a reputation of a manufacturer whose products are study and durable. You should expect no less from Klipsch R-14M.


  • Amplification not needed but highly recommended – As with all products of this type, the R-14M will work through a normal A/V connection, however, the sound will not be nearly as good as if it were connected to an amplifier. This is by no means a problem, however, it does mean that you may have to purchase another piece of equipment that will take up room in your living room;
  • Limited connectivity – The speakers only feature the most basic ports. They do not feature Bluetooth connectivity, nor do they have USB ports;
  • No choice in looks – The R-14M comes only in black. Those looking for a certain color will either have to choose another model or paint the cabinet, however, this may affect the quality of the sound.


These entry-level bookshelf speakers that can fit in even the smallest living rooms and can fulfill a variety of tasks. They can either work independently or connected to an amp. While they do come only in black, their appearance lets them blend into any room, especially when considering their size.

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