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DALI ZENSOR 3 – Bookshelf Speaker – A Modern Super Powered Sound System

A new model from bookshelf speaker manufacturer Dali, the Zensor 3 is a mid-range sound system that has a couple of aces up its sleeve. The Zensor 3 uses the proprietary Dali Driver design that can be found in the award-winning Zensor line of products, and other technologies specifically designed to produce a more powerful sound than it should be possible considering the sound system’s size.

Versatile and Attractive Design

The bookshelf speaker comes in three different colors (black ash, light walnut, and white), and has a beautiful design that does not subtract from the quality of the sound. The variety of available colors enables the owner to match it to the furniture already present in their home, and the medium size of the system makes it great for homes of all sizes.

Dali Zensor 3 Black Ash Finish
The Dali Zensor 3 comes in three different colors – Here the black ash finish

Speaking of the size, each Zensor 3 speaker measures 8.1 x 11.5 x 13.8 and weighs 13.89 pounds. This makes these speakers fall into the medium-size bookshelf speaker category. They’re not as large as Klipsch the Sixes, yet not as small as Klipsch RB-10.

Actually, the dimensions of these speakers seem to be close to perfection. Why? Because their size makes them easy to fit in any room. They’re not too chunky, so they won’t stick out and you’ll probably find room for them on the bookshelf.

At the same time, the speakers aren’t too small and with the signature Zensor design, they’re bound to make a strong impression on everyone who comes into your living room. But, even if your visitors aren’t stunned by the looks of Zensor 3, these speakers are guaranteed to take their breath away with their flawless audio performances.

Breathtaking Performances

These speakers are designed to satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles. They can reproduce accurate audio in a really wide range of frequencies. We’re not just talking about mids and highs, which you should expect from most bookshelf speakers; we’re talking about bass as well.

Okay, to be completely honest, the bass might not be able to make every bone in your body shake, but there’s no doubt it’s pretty deep. In fact, these speakers can go as low as 50 Hz. Of course, where they really excel are mid-range frequencies, in which they reproduce flawless sound. The audio is super-accurate, with absolutely no distortions. And it’s a similar case with high frequencies, which is all thanks to the soft dome tweeter.

Dali Zensor 3 Tweeter
Lightweight dome tweeter


  • Soft dome tweeter – the soft dome tweeter that can usually be seen in the higher end products manufactured by Dali has also found its way to the Zensor 3 in order to give it the best resolution in its class;
  • Wood Fiber Cones – Dali uses an advanced manufacturing technology in order to mix paper pulp and wood fiber into stiff but extremely light cones. These cones are exceptionally efficient at perfectly reproducing every signal fed into the speaker system;
  • Dali Driver Design – The driver used in the Zensor 3 is custom made by the manufacturer in order to ensure that the sound produced is as rich as possible while keeping the sound systems extremely efficient;
  • Advanced Construction – Every single piece and part that goes into the construction of the Zensor 3 is carefully picked in order to minimize mechanical loss and ensure that the music is extremely clear and crisp even at the lowest volume settings;
  • Large frequency range – The sound system’s frequency range is 50-26500Hz;
  • Enclosure type – The bass reflex design of the cabinet is great at amplifying the bass of music;


  • Color variation – Most bookshelf speakers only come in one color, forcing the buyer to think of a way to fit them into the décor of his or her living room. The Zensor 3 comes in three very different colors, making it easier for the owner to fit them alongside already existing pieces of furniture;
  • 7” woofer – While a subwoofer is always a welcome addition, the Zensor 3’s 7” woofer excels at outputting powerful and deep bass;
  • Clear, rich sound – The technology that went into the manufacturing and design of the tweeter, the cones and the driver really does manage to create an extremely clear sound, regardless of volume or type of music.
  • High-frequency range – The relatively high-frequency range of the speaker enables it to faithfully reproduce any kind of music. Rock, jazz, hip-hop – you name it! These speakers will be able to reproduce the sound without any annoying distortions.
  • Perfect size – The speakers had to be made bigger in order to output the amount of bass that they can produce. This, however, does not mean that you would have trouble finding space for them


  • Limited connectivity – The Zensor 3 from Dali is fairly basic in terms of connection ports, and this may put off those who are looking for a multi-purpose bookshelf speaker capable of connecting to every device in the living room;
  • Amp required – The speakers do not have any kind of integrated amplifier, which means that the quality of the sound that they produce will be severely diminished if they are not connected to an external one. Of course, getting a good amplifier means another expense, which you probably won’t like;

Finalizing the DALI ZENSOR 3 Review

The Zensor 3 is mid-range in terms of price, however, it manages to produce a sound that would be characteristic of a high-quality, cutting-edge model. If we are to also add the fact that the 7” woofer does a great job of creating a deep base, this sound system becomes an attractive choice, especially for those who are looking for speakers that do not necessarily require a subwoofer.

To be perfectly honest, there aren’t many things we don’t like about Zensor 3. In fact, the biggest issue we have about these speakers is that they require an amp. And if you’re a true audiophile, you will want a good amplifier, a device that can cost quite a lot. But, if you already have one or you don’t care about spending money on quality, then by all means, go with Zensor 3!

Our verdict